Crafts + Brew: More than just Craft Brews

Looking for something to do mid-day Saturday that doesn’t involve waiting in line for brunch but still involves some adult beverages? A company called Crafts + Brew is hosting an event called Build + Sip at Barebottle Brew Co from 11am-2pm where you can purchase tickets to build one of three crafts:

  • Beer Caddy – $44 (pictured above)
  • Nail & String Art – $39 (pictured below, though there are more designs than the one below)
  • Industrial Lamp – $49 (pictured below)

From the Crafts + Brew FAQ, the company will provide all tools necessary for construction, and kids are welcome to craft (though of course not welcome to consume Barebottle’s tasty crafts).

Bernal Heights Rec Center November Calendar

Every month the Bernal Rec Center publishes a calendar of events happening at the gym, but as far as I can tell it’s only available as a print-out in the rec center itself. I’m going to reach out to the Rec Center to see if we can digitize and add to the BH calendar, but for now I’ve scanned the document below:

It honestly took me way too long to realize there was a full indoor basketball court by the library and even longer to realize there were structured events that took place inside. Grab a basketball, don your skates, or prep your best Zumba moves and check it out!

331 Marketplace to close shop(s) on 12/23

When I first moved to Bernal, I was enamored with the concept and execution of 331 Marketplace. 3-5 food establishments in one compact storefront? Sign me up for some pickles, waffles, piroshkis, and smoothies please!

Earlier this week I was strolling by when a sign in the window caught my eye:

In what’s sadly becoming a common theme on Cortland, 331 will be shutting its doors for the last time on December 23rd. Apparently Mae Krua has already closed shop, but Paulie’s and Peaches are going strong until the end. While Peaches Patties will continue in a catering capacity after December, Paulie’s will be closing for good. Stock up on those amazing Jalapeño Pickles while you still can.

There will be a new tenant occupying the entire space according to a post from the owner of the building, Debra Resnick, on Nextdoor:

Please people, do not make assumptions. While it is true that the Marketplace as we know it will cease to be, it is not a result of wealthy newcomers. We have had a successful 10 years and change can be good. The storefront has a new tenant who will move in after preparations are made. There will not be an empty storefront! Please support all your local businesses.

Debra Resnick –

The Chronicle also did a full write-up about the change and mentioned that between 11/20 and 12/23 there “will be popups with holiday-themed food and gifts at 331 Cortland Marketplace with former vendor Spice Hound.”

For those of you feeling nostalgic like yours truly, pop on down to 331 Cortland between now and December 23rd, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy this great article about the concept posted almost exactly 7 years ago today:

Tuesday Taste of the Week #1: Black Jet Lemon Curd Danish

Full disclosure: Black Jet may have cheated a little bit this morning. I popped in for a pre-election latte and noticed that rather than the typical blueberry danish I’d been accustomed to seeing as of late, there stood a flaky pocket of my pastry kryptonite: lemon curd.

Honestly, I’m such a sucker for lemon curd that the bakery could have had a tray with dollops of loose globules of the stuff, and I would have been equally entranced.

The danish itself had a nice crunch to it, but do admirers of fine art expend much poetic waxing on the frame (honestly do they? I’m not much of an art buff)? The curd was the star of the show: light with a nice balance struck between tart and sweet, and the supporting pastry underneath managed to hold its own without becoming soggy.

I’m no sure how much of a regular this particular pastry is at Black Jet, but I recommend if you see it nestled between the pop tarts and the morning buns that you skip the standard fare and learn to love the lemon.

Note: Every Tuesday I’ll be highlighting a particularly delectable food or drink item that I had in the neighborhood in the last week. If you have your own recommendation for something I must try, shoot me an email at

Yeah, there’s an election this Tuesday!

While it feels like the entire country (and perhaps the world) is looking ahead to the 2020 election, there’s one happening here in San Francisco this Tuesday, November 5. Want more info on how and where to vote? The League of Pissed Off Voters have some handy info on their website that I’ve copied below:

Where’s your polling place? See, call 311, or just go vote at City Hall.

Non-citizens Can Vote on Board of Education! Parents/caregivers of school-age children can vote.

Don’t have an address? You can vote! If you don’t have a fixed address, you can register using cross streets.

Former Felons Can Vote! Even if you’ve been convicted of a felony, you can vote as long as you’re off parole. Don’t let the Man disenfranchise you

Slackers Can Vote: Election Day Voter Registration! Missed the 10/21 deadline to register to vote? Head directly to City HallDO NOT PASS GO—to register and vote right up through Election Day! From November 2-5, you can also register and vote at SFSU Towers Conference Center. Now get out there and make us proud.

Youth Can Vote! If you’re 16 or 17, pre-register and your registration will be activated automatically when you turn 18.

San Francisco is expanding the number of options on our ranked-choice ballots this year. We can rank up to TEN candidates! The Department of Elections has a nifty online practice ballot to help folks figure it out.

While my main goal is just to get everyone to vote, I’ve also included two of my go-to voter guides below. First is the Bernal Democratic Club’s guide:

Next is the League of Pissed Off Voters, whose handy dandy guide comes in a fancy little printable, foldable PDF (or you can sneak a peek below):

Luckily for me and my leftist tendencies, both crews have roughly the same endorsements so filling out the ballot was a breeze. Hope to see you all at the polling stations on Tuesday as I drop off my ballot and snag one of those nifty “Yo Voté” stickers.

Día de los Muertos Festival of Altars and Procession

Starting today at 4pm in Potrero Del Sol park is the Día de los Muertos Festival of Altars. From the Day of the Dead SF website:

Please come and participate in building an altar or come to view the community altars.

The making and viewing of traditional, contemporary, or experimental altars is a unique transformative experience connecting us closer to our Ancestors. Bring flowers, 8 inch glass prayer candles, and mementos of loved ones to contribute to the Community Altars.

Later, at 7pm, the traditional procession will begin at 22nd and Bryant, winding through the Mission finishing up back at Potrero Del Sol

For more information, check out or contact The Rescue Cultural Collective at: or call 415.933.5465.

November Events at the Bernal Heights Branch

At the beginning of every month our wonderful local branch of the SF Public Library posts a calendar of all the events happening at the library. While I recommend you all sign up for their email updates, I’ll also be posting those events here and eventually adding them to the Bernal Hype calendar (coming soon).

Trick or Treating on Cortland

It’s Halloween today, which means that kids and parents will storm the sidewalks of Cortland Ave to trick or treat at the many retail shops and candy-friendly homes flanking the main drag.

Since we don’t get a ton of trick-or-treaters at our house, we usually head to the corner of Cortland and Moultrie by the library to pass out candy. This year we’ll be there starting between 5:30 and 6:00pm with full-size candy bars, a spooky soundtrack of the best Halloween songs, and some pretty killer Bernal Hype stickers:

Aside from our little Bernal Hype trick or treat pop-up, most shops along Cortland give out candy as well (or in the case of Good Life, candy and apples). Pinhole has already posted that their organic candy hand-out begins at 5:30pm.

In addition to businesses, Next Door has a treat map where houses can opt in to appear on the map if they will be giving out candy. Just taking a look at the map as of this morning, there are a good number of houses within a block or two of Cortland that will be handing out the goods as well:

Please stop by and say hey this evening, and remember to stay safe out there as Cortland does not close down to traffic during the Halloween festivities.

Introducing Bernal Hype

When I moved to Bernal Heights in 2013, one of the best resources for my finger on the pulse of our wonderful neighborhood was Bernalwood. Whether it was a new restaurant opening, a reminder of a local event, or even a map of the best ski runs of Bernal Hill, Bernalwood was a staple for my discovery of all our humble little hood bad to offer.

About 18 months ago, Bernalwood went dark. I checked back every day hoping that I wouldn’t see the same news of BagelMacher at the top of the site, but it seemed that Todd and his local blog had rolled their last post on that fateful 4/20.

I went through the five stages of grief, but as I approached “Acceptance” I realized that there’s something better than simply dealing with the loss of a central neighborhood news outlet. There’s doing something about it.

And here we are! I’m starting Bernal Hype with the hopes of becoming the go-to single source of what’s happening in our little foothill community. For the most part, I’ll be focused on the area flanked by 280 on the south, San Jose/Dolores on the west, Cesar Chavez on the north, and 101 on the east:

Map of Bernal Heights

That said, if there are big openings or events in nearby neighborhoods like the Mission, Glen Park, Noe, Bayview, or Portola that I think are of interest to fellow Bernalites, I’ll post those here as well.

I’ve set up a twitter account at where I’ll be posting more often, so definitely follow there for the timeliest updates.

Lastly, much like any neighborhood, Bernal Hype gets better the more the community participates. Have an upcoming event or scoop on a new opening? Shoot me an email at Have an incredible neighborhood secret or story that needs to be told? Tell me. Want to help write or take photos or brainstorm article ideas? I’m looking to grow this from my little blog to our little blog.

Bernal Heights has given me a wonderful place to call home for the last 6+ years, and Bernal Hype is my small way of paying it forward to residents and visitors new and old.