Boogie down on Banks St for Gay Pride’s 50th

Yesterday’s Bernal Heights art walk was a great way for neighbors to show off their creativity and artistic ability, but today it’s time to show off your best dance moves!

Today from 3pm to 6pm, DJ Rico and DJ Smitty will be providing a soundtrack to a hillside social-distanced dance party in celebration of Gay Pride.

I caught up with DJ Rico to learn more about the event:

First thing’s first; what are the specifics about today’s event?

June 28th, from 3-6pm

Upper banks and Powhattan st

Pride special Event

It’s an hour longer because it’s a Pride event and we wanted people to enjoy more of the dancing and celebrate Gay Pride’s 50th anniversary.

Please wear your most colorful outfit (Drag is encouraged 🙂 and Let’s dance the afternoon away!

How did you decide to start this event?

It was started by my neighbor one day (Cynthia, a singer and a ukulele player).  She took out her small boom box and called us (neighbors) out to dance with her.  We enjoyed it and decided to make it a weekly thing.  Then I told her that i used to be a promoter in San Francisco and a DJ which i started since my high school days, and still have my DJ equipment (also we throw a killer Karaoke parties within our close friends in our house.

Then by the next week,  I slowly took all my equipment out. By the 3rd Event, we had a full gear and many more attendees. We get a lot of people telling us that they look forward for the next event and thank us for hosting it and that they wish that it’s every week!  

Since then Cynthia, me (Rico Ocampo) and my husband (Patrick McCarthy) had been collaborating this event every other week, along with our close neighbors (Dan, Deborah and the Abra Family)

I’ve been to two of these dance parties, but can you describe how the event has changed over time?

The event had changed that we decided to invite more people beside our neighbors. We felt that more people can benefit from this event and we get to meet everyone within our neighborhood. A more reason to get out and dance, who doesn’t like dancing? Lol  

What’s the music selection like? Do you publish a playlist after the fact? 

Our selection are more 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and I throw some current popular songs, because who doesn’t love those music in that era? Also most everyone since to enjoy and relate to that type of music.  

We don’t publish the music, I play them when I see who are dancing and feel the crowd’s energy.

DJs. Drag. Dancing. Distancing. DIY Drinks. Don’t miss a chance to let loose this afternoon with DJ Rico and many other fancy-footed Bernalites.

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