Two new Asian eateries coming to Cortland

Super-sized soup dumpling from United Dumplings (image from

After reporting far too many closures befalling Bernal Heights, I’m thrilled to find out about two 2020 openings coming to Cortland Ave: United Dumplings at 525 Cortland and Shokudou Izakaya [name not confirmed] at 1000 Cortland.

Thanks to an SF Eater write-up today, there’s been more light shed on what is to become of the old Hunan Chef location. Sandy Zheng of Beijing Restaurant in the Excelsior will be opening a new dumpling concept called United Dumpling that will feature an assortment of dumplings pushing the boundaries of what can be stuffed inside some hand-made wrappers (including Korean barbecue and Indian curry). Zheng hopes to be open by late March or early April, and I’ll plan on doing something more in depth when that day comes

The second restaurant has been registered as Shokudou Izakaya, but I’ve yet to confirm the official name. You may have seen some interior work at the old Cutting Edge Salon location, and it appears based on the job card that this will be the new home of an Izakaya by Potrero’s own Umi Sushi executive chef, Stewart Chen. I reached out to Chen for comment and while he didn’t provide any more details, he also didn’t dispute that work was under way for this new dining option.

Ever since Outer Orbit decided to move down into La Lengua territory, I’ve been hoping that something would come to that vacant corner. No word on the timing here, but I’ll also post an update as soon as I hear word from Chen.

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