Beer week comes to Bernal

For a relatively small neighborhood, Bernal is overflowing with an amazing selection of beer. Within the confines of BH proper as described here, we’ve got three locations brewing beer (Barebottle, Cellarmaker, and Hop Oast), a number of bars with great tap selections (Holy Water, Old Devil Moon, and Outer Orbit to name a few), and three more breweries just a quick e-bike ride away (Harmonic, Ferment.Drink.Repeat, and Laughing Monk ).

Every year in February, San Francisco celebrates this delectable combo of hops, malt, yeast, and water with a 10-day Bacchanalia known as SF Beer Week. This year, Bernal has come out in full force with no fewer than four events per day through this Sunday.

Instead of hunting and pecking for each event, I’ve put together an Initerary [sic 😊] via the SF Beer Week site of all local events:

Since many of the goings-ons above have relatively inscrutable titles (and the font is pint-sized), follow the links below for more details about each of the above events. Brewnal Heights awaits!

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