Help needed to recover a stolen pup

During a Saturday afternoon stroll with my big puppy pal, I noticed a whole host of flyers posted around the neighborhood with the following message:

It’s obviously incredibly heartbreaking to have your furry best friend go missing, but having them stolen while running a routine errand at a heavily foot-trafficked place like Good Life is a whole other ordeal.

As mentioned on the flyer, Jackson is a 30lb Mini Aussie with blue eyes (as really seen below), and the current reward is offered at $5000 if found. I’ve been following posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Nextdoor, and as of this evening, it doesn’t appear that the dog has been found yet (though I’ll update here if I hear anything).

The owner has created a webpage for the search at, and has set up a GoFundMe here with proceeds going to Rocket Dog Rescue if Jackson isn’t found.

As a dog-lover who is particularly haunted by these tales, I’ll happily donate $250 to Rocket Dog Rescue if Jackson is found so that we all root for the win-win scenario here.

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